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Digital Image Interpretation

GRS has extensive experience in developing high quality GIS data from digital imagery.  Whether collected from aircraft or satellites, digital images can be used as a very cost-effective source material for developing an accurate and complete land base for your GIS. GRS has thousands of hours of experience using aerial and satellite imagery from a wide variety of government and private sources.  We have compiled geospatial data for both small and large projects ranging from subdivisions to hundreds of thousands of acres.

Data Compilation and Update Strategies

GRS can also use readily available high-resolution digital imagery to correct or supplement your existing GIS map base.  We can begin by evaluating your existing data and develop accuracy and precision standards for your application.  Will will then assist you in selecting appropriate image sources and develop a GIS data conversion and editing strategy that will meet your specifications. GRS technicians and analysts will then supplement your existing vector themes, or create a new map data based on interpretation of the imagery. As necessary, GRS will collect and use GPS locations to validate control and assess the mapping accuracy.





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